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Monday, April 17, 2006

Music review

Sam Roberts.

Short man, big sound.

I, like everyone else, am pretty much sick of Sam's last album cause it played constantly on the radio, muchmusic, my minidisc player etc. I saw him live at UVic and it was truly one of the best shows ever... Yes, even better than Coldplay. Ha. I met him after the show and he is, or was, truly personable and approachable and seemed genuinely interested in talking to me, although that could have been the 60 of Jack he'd been drinking on stage.

I'm sure you've all seen the marketing for his new album, Chemical City. I was of course skeptical, cause I'm a cynic, that he could reproduce the goods on his sophomore album. But I'm listening to it now, and I like it.

He shouts out Thunder Bay, so, he can't do wrong in my books. So get off your squidge and go buy his album cause you probably still don't have bitlord, and if he comes to your town, get tickets.

Mr Roberts, I'm ready for my endorsement cheque. Make it payable to CASH!


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