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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


A new post.

So I'm back in thunder bay, sigh, and it's really warm, like surprisingly warm. Having written this, the temperature will drop to 40 below out of spite.

What else is new... oh yeah, the new year. Happy New Year everybody, lets hope it's the best ever. We all have things to look forward to. I wish everyone continued success in every venture.

Geoff, my brother, you stay safe down in California, people die there every day, keep your head, G. See yourself home safe, and look out for Chris and Olivia. Real friends are crucial.

Vicky, All the way ahead of us in Auckland. Keep a lookout for us on the horizon. I didn't really get to say goodbye properly, as I was bitter that you're going to sunny New Zealand while I go to the suck as I just now am calling it. Take care of yourself and know we miss you.

Melissa, Mikayla, what's up girls?

Brian, Keep up that ridiculous GPA, become a lawyer and get into international politics.

To everyone else, who I saw over the break, or didn't get to see, take good care of yourselves, try to live simply, aim for happiness, don't drink too much.

Heather, nearly forgot. You know how I feel. You take care of yourself too.

This is one of my favorite pics, it is of course a coffee cup. It's out of focus, but I really think it softens the image. I took this in Toronto, at a restaurant recommended to me by Sean, a true Torontonian (like it or not, eh buddy?). College St. Italians make good americanos.


Blogger Heatherness said...

Looks like you also nearly forgot to update. Do it.

12:30 p.m.  

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