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Monday, January 23, 2006


Oh man.

I'd like so much to thank Heather for a wonderful week. She unexpectedly flew in to the bay on Friday the 13th. It was a full moon. She's a brave girl.

She settled into my bachelor's world quite nicely, and my roommates seemed to enjoy having her around... even if she was a bit of a bad influence. She came at the perfect time, exams are still weeks away, (already? damn) and there was lots of fresh snow that caked Tbay's blemishes in a pure white foundation so effectively that Heather was heard to say... 'It's pretty here.' and 'Do you want to live here, James?' Even the cold didn't seem to bother her, much. And while I'd hoped the temperature had plummeted to it's seasonal minus 45 so she could get a real taste of winter, I'm sure that now, whenever she says 'I'm COLD' in Victoria, she can put it into the proper perspective.

Now that she's gone, I am officially back to work. I'm not going to lie... I've been slacking. School and this blog have definitely taken a back seat to Heather and her chronic need of attention. There were Tankards to be drunk. The gym. Meals. Socializing. Snow fights. Basically I've been living the life of a first year Arts student. And I like it.

But now I'm back at it with a vengeance. I have a degree project that will take much of my time. I'm researching and designing a prototype stormwater grit and oil separator. I've decided to use my powers for good, you see? And if we do a good job, maybe this little baby could go on the market and make this guy a million bucks. Wouldn't that be sweet.

To the people who stopped reading this blog over Christmas because of the lack of fresh posts, get over it. I'm back. Now there's an alternative to pressing next blog for hours on end. I will not disappoint. Pictures await, along with crackling updates about the supercharged life of your correspondent on assignment in Thunder bay.

This link will amuse, or it should. At the very least it will inject 5 minutes of comedy into your eyeballs.

To Heath. You'll probably be in an airport hotspot by the time you read this. Give the dog a treat from me when you get home and get lots of rest tonight. Real life starts for you tomorrow too.

Peace bitches.


Blogger Heatherness said...

I'm back. And I MISS you. Ssssooooo much. I had a great time in the snowiest city on earth. Well, the snowiest city I have ever visited on earth. I kinda liked it. Thanks for a great week and a wonderfully uplifting visit. I wish I wasn't home already.

I even miss the snow.

Just a little.

Though I'm not gonna lie...its ridiculously warm here. Though NOT AS WARM AS THE BAHAMAS!
Less than 2 weeks baby!

6:13 p.m.  

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