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Monday, February 20, 2006

Backlog Pt2

Nothing like Christmas at home... I guess... I've never spent a Christmas away from family. I don't imagine it would be that great. Good food, friends, drinks, and properly symmetrical Christmas tree are the basic requirements. Oh, and too many people for Christmas dinner.

New Years was a blast! I know Heather has already covered this party in some detail, but it would be a shame not to post these pictures... for posterity.

You know how some parties... most parties... gravitate toward the kitchen, well this was not the case for Laila and Dallas'. This was one of the few parties that revolved around the bathroom... I can't remember why that was exactly. Was it the porno shower/bath? The nice lighting. It certainly wasn't coke, if that's what you were thinking. Everyone was doing that in the Elsdon's VW Van. It wasn't that the food was bad either (cause it was fantastic!!), I don't think anyone actually had a chance to use the head as it was intended all night.

We were affectionately invited to spend the night and a room was laid down for us. We slept well, but thought it would be wise to make a quiet exit early the next afternoon, before anyone might suggest we clean up. This is us leaving the scene. If we stuck around, we might have shared in the spoils... a perfectly uncracked twixer of Bombay Saffire. We did come back to have mimossas and breakfast. Once again... Thanks for a great time, it was great to see everyone in the same place again!

Nothing Clears my head like a walk in a storm by the Ocean... Yes... the Pacific Ocean... Not Lake Superior... The Ocean!!! So this is what I did on the Sunday that started ought six!


Blogger Heatherness said...

My hottie in the suit.


Yeah, what was with the Elsdon's and all that blow? That was pretty brutal. I never suspected that they were into THAT.

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