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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Return of the B

Oh Hello...

How remis of me to leave a gap of more than three years between blog posts... My my my, what has happened since last time. Well apparently Facebook was kind of a big deal; i guess i didn't really anticipate how integral to people's lives, especially my wife's.

Heather and I are of course still in the throws of nuptial bliss. She competes for attention with my two new mutually exclusive hobbies: surfing and renovating our bathroom... in the condo we bought... yes we're homedebtors. Not long after my last post we moved into a cute, meaning small, condo conversion of a 1911 house a block from the pub in Cook Street Village. Top notch address in what i feel is the neighbourhood; it has a true village high street feel. All the necessities and healthy examples of what i can describe as the renaissance of civilized life.

We have a butcher, named Russ. Hormone free range products abound. The greengrocer, Jonathan, is charmingly nicer to my wife than he is to me; the old lech certainly knows his Braeburns from his Bramleys though. I think he predates the street; it will be a shame to see him go... twenty Rothman's a day haven't slowed him yet though. Oxford foods, the grocery store, is perfect for your bits and pieces which has yet to change in any way from the day it opened and seems ambivalent about the gentrification seen since the year nought. Prima Strada pizza's kiln imported from Naples no less tends to disappoint the buck a slice crowd, who can quite simply go fish for all I care about them! Fantastico coffee and Tres Fantastico have ruined my ability to enjoy most other purveyors of 'coffee.' Their caffeinated libations and victuals are superlative and it's just the perfect place to bump into West Side Connection... which is a story for another day. Note that i do appreciate the 95 cent joe at Rosie's Diner (I sensed my nose starting to turn up at the end there... apologies), the asians who used to own the fish and chip shop down the street now grease spoons just a block from our door and provided an excellent patio breakfast to me this very morn.

On the geopolitical front. A certified black man is in the white house, there seems to be no end of circling the precipice of unmitigated economic disaster, those pesky wars are. still. happening. People don't even flinch when 17 more people die in a tediously mundane suicide blast. Bin Laden has be dealt with, finally, although the only corroborating evidence to be seen is the backslapping of the politicos in power and the seething jealousy of those who are not.

I'm rambling. We've lead quite the life since last time... and i'll have to flesh this out next time.




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