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Monday, February 20, 2006

Backlog Pt3

Early early one fine morning, Melissa, Vicky, I, and two schnaussers drove to Mt. Washington. The mountain was on the eve of shattering it's daily snowfall record. We knew it was dumping snow and I hadn't been riding in over two years. In fact the last time I came down Mt Washington it was on the back of a ski patrol sled. Looking back that seems like a very long time ago. We were pretty excited!Did I mention, that it was very early! That's why we only see half of VT's face. It's not that it isn't a nice face Vic, we all like it very much.As it turns out, Melissa and Vicky are not what you'd call early risers. I think we made it past Nanaimo before I was asked to drive. They slept. They slept the whole way. Vicky was entirely under that blanket in the front seat. I decided to put my helmet on when the roads got icy. I'm smiling cause there's already so much snow!! Too much snow maybe... The conditions weren't the best. As in, it was so cloudy and windy you couldn't tell if you were moving at all. But it was still the best to get out and ride untracked powder and through trees. Please take special note of the evidence of a very very well placed snowball on Meliss' helmet, courtesy of me. Oh yeah... how much you wanna bet I can throw a snowball over 'dem Mountins!?! TROGDOOOR!!


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