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Friday, May 05, 2006

I'mmmm Baaaaaaaack

Alright alright alright....

I'm back in Vic, and everyone is smugly asking if it's good to be back, like they OWN this place or are somehow responsible for it's awesomeness. I officially hate it when people who grew up in Winnipeg, or Edmonton, or some other mosquito infested/freeeeezing cold shit hole act like I was retarded to ever leave Victoria. I was born here, you chump, I know what it's like. I no longer take Victoria for granted, however. And yes, Victoria is better than almost everywhere, but that doesn't mean I want to stay here forever, or that I'll never leave again.

I moved into a new place, which was exhausting. Imagine finishing engineering exams, packing all my stuff, cleaning my condo, shipping everything, flying home, and then moving everything out of Heather's place and cleaning. I've been moving and cleaning for a week straight. Sigh.

So I'd hate for you to think that I only use this blog to vent negativity, or that I'm a very very cynical person. I'd hate that. Because I'm not like that at all, right, anyone who knows me knows that I'm actually an optomist, constantly happy, physically effervescent. I'd be the perfect spokesman for Shweppe's schweppervesence. In fact, I'm so excited to be back in civilization, I'm going to go outside in ths sun, walk through the herritage designated garden of my mansion, smell the flowers, and go and watch Heather get her hair did. Word.


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