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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Alberta onwards

So... This is what you've been waiting for... I guess. In order...
Alberta, immediately East of Calgary... pretty exciting... Nothing much changed AT ALL So I didn't take too many pics. Grass... Cattle pens... Wind farms. We stopped for Gas (a common occurrence when in a jeep with big mud tires) in Brooks Alberta... You might have heard that there's an ugly labour dispute happening there.

These are real cowboys, and if it wasn't for the jeep, I doubt we'd have made it out of there alive. I'd hate to drive a hyundai through there... Apologies to all my Korean friends.

A few hours later, and we hit Saskatchewan... the land of living skies... Blaaah... not much to say about that.

It was duskish before we hit Manitoba. So the picture I took of the welcome to Manitoba sign came out as a long blur. I didn't post that one.

Manitoba, or at least the middle part of it is quite nice. It's a welcome change from the endless horizon of the prairies. There's some hills, more trees, lakes, and at this time of year, few bugs. I still wouldn't live there for less than 90 thou a year. You can buy a lot of bug repellent and vacation in the tropics on that kind of money.

We had hoped to make it to Winnipeg by the end of the day, but it was getting later so we figured that maybe a sixer of beer would make the last hour of the journey go by quicker. So we stopped in Brandon.

It's quite a nice city, actually... I recommend some JBC's on 111th street. Exquisite. And, for all you thirsty travelers... They sell Original Lucky Lager, really cheap.

So stocked up, we made it to Winnipeg, got lost in the endless ghetto... it's terrible, really. And had to ask a friendly policeman in a 7-11 how to get the hell out of the city... funny story.

We drove to Falcon Falls, which is just before the Onterible border... it was really late by then... and there are NO gas stations. So, we were literally on fumes by the time we got there... It was touch and go. We made it to the Provincial park, which conveniently has a Shell station. Parked on the Boulevard across the street, pitched my tent, and crashed out. Funny story there too.

Next time... Ontario, and some pics of wonderful Thunder Bay.


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