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Thursday, November 10, 2005


If I had known that this blogging shite would have been soo much trouble with such little reward... I would've thought twice about hitting it up.

it's just that EVERYone's doing it these days.

I'd probably get more/better feedback if i wasn't so afraid of giving my address out to my friends at school

Lakehead is not the place to be trying out new school stuff like blogs. They still look at me funny when I ask for a veggie burger with bacon. It's not like I really want all my associates reading my shite. It's hard enough for them to take me seriously as it is, what with all my collared shirts and shit.

Let me ask you... If I'm going to san fran sisco, do I have to wear a flower in my hair... and why the fuck is that a techno song these days?

I am so sic of all the shitty shitt.... or mucky muck... or horible craptitude that this vile ville dishes out.

take me home.



Blogger Heatherness said...

Don't get discouraged now! You'll be home soon.

11:08 a.m.  

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