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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


The definition of time, according to the 'totally up to date' Oxford dictionary, is lengthy, vague, and kindof useless. Instead of defining it lists examples. against time, ahead of time, all the time, at one time, at the same time, at times, behind the times, for the time being, from time to time, half the time colloq, have a time of it, have no time for it, in no time, in time, keep time, loose time, on time, pass the time of day, time and again, time and a half, time bomb, time clock, time exposure, time-lag, time-limit, time of one's life, time out of mind, time sharing, time zone. I always thought it was evasive to use the word you're describing in the definition, but you can't argue with Oxford.

While you're pondering the indefinite continued existence of the universe in past, present, and future as a whole, consider this.

Does time fly?
Do you, like me, feel that as we get older time goes faster?
Where does time go, anyway?
Do you have time for this?

Me neither.

I'm a full quarter done my last year of school. I'll be home for Christmas before I know it. And although I'd like to say I can't wait... the truth is I'll have to, so Suck it up, son!

In a happy note... I destroyed my material science midterm. I OWNED it. Which feels pretty good. Hopefully, it's not the only good news I get this term. Three down... four to go.

elapsed time spent: 10 minutes or about one hundredth of the time till I see my sweetie again.


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72000 minutes?

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